A work beyond the limits of time: Serafino Consoli’s cultural revolution in the video-manifesto “The Shape of Life”

The movie, which will soon be competing in cinema festivals and industry events, made its online debut on the channels of the high jewellery brand, famous for its innovative approach and its patented inventions

A project that surpasses the traditional campaign concept, and embraces the art’s most profound expression: a sensorial experience constructed on the concept of metaphor, triggering visual suggestions to guide the spectator on an emotional voyage revealing the power of change

Grumello del Monte (BG), March 5th, 2024 – A work that goes beyond the limits of time, focusing on immortal themes and values such as nature, transformation, and human relations. With its particularly unusual approach and its artistic inspiration, the jewellery brand Serafino Consoli has launched yet another revolution on the jewellery market, revealing “The Shape of Life,” its manifesto that expresses and highlights the brand’s assets in terms of values and heritage. An approach that has virtually never been seen before in Italy, this is above all an ambitious choice for a high jewellery manufacturer that has always promoted its disruptive vision.

The film recently made its debut online on the official channels of the brand, internationally famous for having created a patented invention unique in the world, enabling a ring to be transformed into a bracelet.

“The Shape of Life” is much more than just an advertising campaign, it is a manifesto that offers a sensorial experience constructed around the concept of metaphor. A video that, frame after frame, reveals visual suggestions guiding viewers on an emotional voyage, discovering the power of change. A capacity for transformation that is reflected in the choice of locations: Monte Rosa for the exteriors, an uncontaminated location where the imposing power of nature and the mountains is far greater than that of man, along with Milan’s Circolo Filologico, which comprises a cultural point of reference for the Lombard capital.

The star selected for the film was not a random choice but rather the result of careful research and attention to details: she is German dancer and choreographer Anne Jung, who combines grace, elegance, and power, the key elements of dance, along with a career in the past as a gymnast, enabling her to compete at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Very different from the stereotypes of contemporary beauty, Anne is a woman with a complete, multifaceted experience, someone who, above all, is capable of utilizing dance to express the movement, transformation, and innovation encapsulated by Serafino Consoli products.

“The Shape of Life” reflects the path of development forged by Serafino Consoli: the concept of the power of change comes to life and acquires tangible form through creations in the Brevetto and Serafino collections. Masterpieces of jewellery Made in Italy, true patented inventions capable of transformation, combining tradition and innovation: a unique product in the field of high jewellery. And it is precisely these innovations that enable the Serafino Consoli brand to give shape and substance to its artistic vision, transforming diamonds and precious stones into jewellery of simple but sophisticated design, featuring brilliant technology that makes them very flexible, capable of adapting to any size and occasion, and to any requirement. This is emblematic in the Serafino Collection, with rings that become bracelets, offering two ways of wearing the same piece of jewellery. An ingenious concept, blending creativity, technology, and gold-working technique, at the heart of another Serafino Consoli project, made entirely in 3D.

“With ‘The Shape of Life’,” says Ivan Consoli, CEO of Serafino Consoli – “our objective was to create a new, innovative mode of communication. For its production, we identified young professionals who have brought their creativity and fresh ideas to surpass the classic product commercial. Together we conceptualized this project, that was later filmed and assembled to create a true film-manifesto which, in just a few minutes and without any superfluous frills, describes, interprets, and transmits the concepts of nature, human relations, and change. Because the form of life is as changeable as our rings, which last forever and adapt to the flow of time. For us, “The Shape of Life” is not just a simple, classic marketing ploy, it is a project designed to accompany us and represent our identity as company and people because it explores and highlights the sensitivity and beauty that exists in each of us.”

The video-manifesto will be presented at film competitions and festivals, as well as at industry events, confirming the high artistic and creative stature of the film, made by the production company and creative agency Jumpp. “The Shape of Life” was written and directed by Nicola Martini, with executive creative direction by Giovanni Verdicchio. Luca Costantini was director of photography, while the music editor was Daniele De Virgilio.